Tech Talk with The Banker

I was interviewed by Joy Macknight, Deputy Editor of The Banker, a publication of the Financial Times Ltd., about the…

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‘Smart Economy – smart(er) Banks?’

How platform and network economies will change the role of banks...

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17 Oct


Interessante Studie von @moneyland_ch zu #mBanking! ➡️ Bereits 65% der jüngsten Altersgruppe zwischen 18 und 25 Jahren nutzen das #mBanking monatlich oder häufiger, bei den 26- bis 49-Jährigen sind es 50% und bei den 50- bis 74-Jährigen 26%.

The USD has "In god we trust" printed on it. Trust is everything for money. I trust the central banks, others blockchain and mining. Trust Zuckerberg and Facebook. No.

Great event!

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