‘Smart Economy – Smart(er) Banks?’

How platform and network economies will change the role of banks.

The development of a smart economy will change the role of banking. This article examines the trends and outlines possible scenarios for the future of banks:

  • The vision of a smart economy is to digitise all assets and allow ‘trustless’ digitised commerce…

Read more about ‘Smart Economy – Smart(er) Banks?‘ on my Linkedin profile.

Download PDF of ‘Smart Economy – Smart(er) Banks?‘ on this link.

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17 Oct


Rich Hippies mit Doppelmoral:
Grüne, Klimaschützer und Vielflieger

Gutbetuchte, alternative Milieus, die gern die Grünen wählen, fliegen viel und weit – mit hohen Emissionen.

@PhilipPlickert, @FAZnet: https://t.co/yzWQ1AAeL9 #Umwelt #Klimaschutz #Energiepolitik

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