Blockchain-based KYC and the bank/customer relationship

How blockchain-based know your customer (KYC) and onboarding fundamentally shift the bank/customer relationship. My article in Banking Technology and the Sibos Daily News from 24th October 2018.

Fintech to facilitate inclusive financial system in China, say experts

Financial Technology (Fintech) could help build an inclusive financial system which allows any group in society to enjoy more convenient…

Tech Talk with The Banker

I was interviewed by Joy Macknight, Deputy Editor of The Banker, a publication of the Financial Times Ltd., about the following topics:

– What are the challenges and opportunities for banks in a smart economy?

Private banks slow to unleash transformative power of tech

“The influence of the client experience has not been as radical as I had expected…

‘Smart Economy – smart(er) Banks?’

How platform and network economies will change the role of banks…

What is driving private banks to digitalise Wealth Management?

April Rudin and Alois Pirker from Aite Group in a roundtable discussion with top managers from Coutts & Co. and Caixa Bank hosted by Yuri Bender of FT…

Challenges and trends in Wealth Management technology in Switzerland

You can watch my opinion in an interview with Stephen Wall from The Wealth Mosaic…

The Humanoid Banker – Science Fiction or Future?

The ongoing debate about robots and artificial intelligence eliminating jobs calls for dramatic shifts in the way financial services will be delivered. And yet, the banking profession hasn’t really changed much in the last few years, and new technologies haven’t…

How can RegTech make bank clients happy again?

Regulatory compliance must become a largely automated and recurring process; collaboration with regtech firms is key – its success, though, depends on various factors.

How to become a successful Salesperson?

The Number 1 success factor and skill to learn for startup founders is learning to apply a disciplined sales process. That means creating traffic every day of every week


"🦈 #Banks, the sharks, and #FinTech piranhas🐠 going from competition to #cooperation in #crypto #finance."

@efipm with a #WallStreet view at #CryptoMountainRocks in #Davos.

Via MT @thepsironi. #Blockchain #Crypto #WEF #WEF19 #Davos

Foreign-born #workers are often overqualified.

In many developed countries, the issue has become increasingly common, most evident in economies with competitive job #markets.

@OECD via @StatistaCharts: #worktrends #economy #business #jobs #wef19

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